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True East Mining is a Saudi company located in the city of Riyadh and was founded in the year 2014, as we are specialized in mineral exploration, drilling activities, technical logging, land survey, surface mining, and underground mining. In accordance with the company’s strategic goals to diversify investments, True East Mining holds an exploration and commercialization license for manganese ore in Egypt. The added value that our services are contributing to your project ensures state-of-the-art leadership and guaranteed talented project management while ensuring the projects’ progress pace using modern technical and scientific settings. Our demonstrated expertise is recognized through our selected skilled manpower. The exploration works we execute follow the health, safety, and environmental best practices that adhere to international standards.

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Mineral Exploration

True East Company offers a wide range of exploration services, reflecting our broad geological interests and the diverse experts of our team. In general, we get involved with projects from grassroots exploration through to the pre-feasibility stage, and these can range from a simple property evaluation and technical report preparation to running and managing entire exploration programs, depending on the client’s needs.

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The drilling works activities are executed by our experienced project management team. Our specialty drilling methods are Reverse Circulation Drilling and Diamond Core Drilling, and we apply very high operating procedure practices. True East Mining Company mineral exploration drillers possess outstanding skills in health, safety, and environmental standards. All equipment and operators are certified by 3rd party inspectors to assure quality reliability.

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Land Survey

True East Mining Company owns advanced and high-precision measuring devices to calculate quantities and determine the X, Y, and Z coordinates.

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Surface Mining

True East Mining Company is renowned for its global strategic partnerships in mine operation, with high expertise and professionalism in carrying out the required works.

ًWe provide services such as blasting drilling, grade control drilling and earth moving.

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Underground Mining

The mine works are carried out to exploit deposits, through solid planning and dimensioned of the mine infrastructure like roadways, rooms, and shafts. True East strategic partnership with SATRA ( Spanish Company ) provides a diversified range of services such as underground mining. The experience and technical capacity acquired over the years in the execution of all underground works in both
mining and civil works.

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